A Walk in the Woods


The wonderful weather continues, even if it is a little late in the day for the local tourist industry.

A walk in the woods is a delight. This time of year is always great for wild food but I have never seen so many medlars.

It appears to have been  bumper year for he wildlife as well and there is a group of 17 wild boar (a sounder apparently) at large, who have already severely injured 3 hunting dogs. (Although I do wonder which hunter had time to count them and still not succeed in shooting any!) Hunters are behind every tree, it can certainly make you jump when strolling thorough the woods to hear someone calling your name and then suddenly appear from behind a tree wielding a gun…

It also makes me smile when you’re driving to the baker’s on Sunday morning and greeted along the way by more gun-wielding men dressed in fluorescent jackets, certainly wouldn’t have happende in St Albans!

Another bonus at the moment are the glorious sunrises and sunsets, I am taking my camera with me everywhere, don’t want to miss another beautiful moment.

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