Sew long

Sew long

So I have this lovely long wool winter coat donated to me by my step-mother, it’s very “French Lieutenant Woman” , which is why I have managed to pretty effectively destroy the lining, wafting about in it and catching it on door handles, my feet etc. (yes, I’m not really designed for elegance!).
Anyway, this coat has been in my car for going on for 2 years, why? Well the seamstresses place is not exactly conveniently placed and the opening hours are what you might call flexible. On one occasion there was  a note saying back in 10 minutes which gave me some hopes, but after 20 minutes I gave up. So the other day I was amazed to see the door open, hurray! Unfortunately when I went in the lady there (in her 60 s) said she was only the daughter of the seamstress  and that she was not allowed to take items in in the absence of the boss. “OK how long will she be?” “Not sure, she’s gone shopping, she’s already been a while.” So (although she wasn’t keen) I left the coat and said I’d do a bit of shopping myself and pop back (there’s not much shopping to be done round there to be honest, but needs must!).
Anyway when I got back “The Boss” was there and as is traditional in the more old fashioned shop she was less than welcoming, something I quite enjoy it’s a challenge to win them round and most warm up eventually, it’s just part of the rather taciturn character of people from round here.The conversation started predictably in the tutting and “big job that” style that everyone will recognise. She wanted me to buy the lining from Rodez 30 km away etc. Eventually she admitted to having “a few pieces of material” that might be suitable and started to try and open some of the 30 odd drawers she had, various bits of material where excitedly held up then rejected, the front of several drawers fell off, some received kicks and “gros mots” and eventually we came up with enough off cuts to do the job.

So when did I want it for? Well that’s a loaded question, if you ask for it too quickly you’re implying people have got nothing else to do, if you give too long you’re criticizing their skills, well we agreed mid October,  but I’m not to turn up without ringing first. We’ll wait and see, maybe for next winter?

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