The commute

The volatility of Aveyronaise weather as ever springing surprises. The sodden May of relentless rain has given way to soaring temperatures in June. The damp corners still producing morning mists, the morning commute is full of photo opportunities πŸ˜€

Path taskforce

With the “better” weather the volunteers of the “Chemin” group have been out clearing the paths around Bournazel.

More and more people are starting to appear both semi local tourists and those from further afield. Is summer near?

After the rain

This morning after the heat of the last week has been calmed by overnight rain, the gentle breeze brings all the late spring scents. The moment you leave the house, you can smell acacia, elderflower, roses. Looking forward to a stroll.

Early Morning Walk

Setting off as dawn breaks it’s minus 7, the clay earth, soggy with rain and snow from last week’s snow and rain has hardened in the frost crackles under my boots

The weekend tracks of walking boots, bike tyres, dogs, horses and tractors are frozen like prehistoric dinosaur tracks.

As the sun rises above the pine trees of the “forΓͺt de Bournazel ” it turns the snowy mountains of the Cantal pink.

New year

I don’t really do New Year resolutions. I have enough problems getting through my “to do” list especially since “lockdown inertia ” set in. But I think any I did make would be much like everyone else’s. Eat better, exercise more, be kinder etc.

Well today started quite well on that front. Walk in the sun (minus 3 mind) plenty of veg and fruit at lunch…then the lure of the rest of the quality street set in followed by a “quick look” to see what was on Netflix and it was down hill from there.

Anyway here are some photos from earlier when the day still had potential

Christmas 2020 part 1

It’s been said many times. It’s a Christmas unlike the others. The annual palette Christmas trees workshop had to be adapted

Instead of working as a group. Families were given the chance to adopt a tree.

The first year we started with just 15 trees. This year we’re up to 60. Here are a few examples