Well the long hot summer has turned into a beautiful autumn.

The P1050337blackberries that looked very small and unappetising after the lack of rain in the summer have ripened beautifully with the help of a few showers and everyone is busy making blackberry jam or, for the more daring, blackberry jelly!P1050350 P1050351

The apples, peach and fig trees are also full of fruit. As you stroll around the village people offer you a share of their bounty. Like last night, when I came back from closing up the chickens  I was carrying 2 kilos of peaches kindly given to me by a neighbour.

The walnuts, ready earlier than I have ever known are starting to fall and soon every house will have its “cageot” of walnuts propped up again the walls drying, proof again of how the village retains its links to the seasons.

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