Where’s the Road ?

Anyone who has driven around in this part of France will know that “The Long and Winding Way” could be our theme tune ! Finish what you started less of an appropriate, motto. You sometimes wonder if you’ve accidentally driven onto a footpath as the tarmac disappears and the trees get ever nearer. It is of course just at the moment when you have become convinced it’s a footpath because you it certainly couldn’t have two way traffic on it when you suddenly meet a milk lorry /cattle truck/enormous tractor coming the other way. They of course are sure that you can drive round them (along the edge of the crumbling precipice at the side of the road) and are very happy to give instructions to that effect. I usually invite them to put their money where their mouth is and do it for me, which of course they usually manage with great aplomb.

Anyway one such road was discussed at the council meeting the other day. It would appear that this road needs some attention (no surprise there), but this is proving a bit of a problem because there’s a discrepancy in the paperwork. When the roads where mapped this one being on the outskirts and a bit awkward to negotiate it was not drawn where it actually is, so now you can’t  get it maintained because it’s not where it’s supposed to be.

“That’s OK because we just get it redrawn. ”

“No because that would affect the (paper) boundaries of the privately owned woods.”

“OK so we talk to the owner, it’s only a mile at most, who owns it?”

“17 different people”


“It’s chestnut trees, it’s from when everyone in the village owned two rows of chestnut trees”

Time for lunch, meeting closed!

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