The weather in May here usually seems designed to enable us to make the most of the ridiculous number of  bank holidays (4 this year, a mere 2 next year!) but this year despite having had barbecues in April, May has hardly been full of opportunities for al fresco dining. What’s more it has been even more capricious than usual. Given where we are, at the crossroads of  several geographical features and weather fronts, we are pretty used to sudden variations, but this month has been spectacular that way: the most extreme being a daytime high of 32 turning into a night time low 24 hours later of 4!

Despite, or maybe because of, that I have never seen such an incredible display of spring blossom or so much noise from baby birds, nature seems to have really thrived on the mild winter and changeable spring climate. The eves of every house have swallows nests, the trees droop under the weight of acacia flowers, the night is alive with the sound of baby owls. May is often a lovely month here and in the UK. but this year has been really special, now if only the rain would stop so I could go out and enjoy it!

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