Spring is Sprung


It’s wonderful how as the days start to warm up people seem to come out of hibernation. In the winter the doors and shutters firmly closed against the wind coming down from the snow covered mountains of the Cantal and the plains of the Aubrac, there are lot of “voisins” that you barely see. But as the evenings  grow lighter and the days warmer the village opens its doors again and suddenly little groups of people chat gather on the doorsteps. This afternoon a neighbour came to my door announcing the end of winter and that she had come for a catchup.

On the paths that surround the village you can meet people all year round, but often in winter they are hardened “randonneurs” with no time for a chat, now it seems like half the village is out strolling, cycling, horse-riding on the paths and everyone has time for a chat.P1000879 P1000837 P1000841 P1000844

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