Off to UK to see the family for a week. Given that I probably travel more in a year than most people in the village travel in a decade you’d think I’d be better at packing. That is to say I’m quite good at packing, it’s just starting and finishing I have a problem with!

First find the right bag.  I have a bit of a bag obsession so there’s quite a choice. Which is easier to carry? Is this bag heavier? is that bag heavier? After measuring and weighing all the bags I go for the purple one, ‘cos it’s prettier. Now that’s done, I should really start putting things in it……I’ll just have a cup of tea…….Now… oh….better just double check the weight allowance…just a quick game of Candy Crush while I’m on the computer.

OK, good 20 kilos, that’s loads…..we’ll just keep to the basics though, more room to bring things back…..mind I really love that pink top, oh and that pair of trousers and the green dress, and….none of it goes together……

This is ridiculous, think I’ll just go and write something on my blog, clear my head.

Start again…..think I might start with toiletries etc……..think I might just give the bathroom a bit of a clean….

Right, I’ll just have a cup of tea……did I pack that black top? Better check…..everything out!

Start again, this is silly, it’s getting late and I really don’t need much if we’re staying with the family…….

All done, 10 kilos, great.

Next day…….loads of room in that case…..I’ll just take this jumper…..just in case, and that coat……

Arrival at airport,”Your bag weighs 22 kilos madam that will be 30 Euros” ….Doah!

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