First day of Spring

It’s the first day of spring and as the sun shines, the mood improves and I finally feel motivated to take a stroll.


Starting at the Chapelle I head down to let the chickens out and realise that the frost is still clinging on in shady corners

The violets are edged with frost.

But as I continue along the path out onto the open the sun is warmer and the spirits lift.

The birds seem to be out in force too. They flit from tree to tree and a hawk skims across the field.

As I complete my circuit and head back towards the village I see other people brought out by the sun and discuss the merits of a morning stroll in the sun.

Back towards Portail Bas. The road is edged by trees in blossom.

Back at the house my cat waits patiently .

16th January St Maur’s

S’il gèle à la Saint-Maur, – La moitié de l’hiver est dehors.

According to the old saying if there is frost on St Maur’s day than winter is half way over. Well yesterday dawned with the most incredible thick white frost and blue skies and as the sun melted the ice, it produced a ground mist worthy of any artist. Unfortunately …….the practicalities of life meant that whilst I marveled at the sight from the car I didn’t get a photo! Isn’t it always the way!

Today though had it’s moments, the frost was still hiding in some of the shady corners, and the sun still shone, the sky was still a beautiful blue.

Very happy to see the sun in all it’s glory, here’s hoping though that as predicted by the dictum, this load of wood is the last we’ll need this winter!